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VB and his Team

31 Responses to “VB and his Team”

  1. katti.chetan says:

    I convey my wishes on the occasion of NEW YEAR 2011.
    i am eager to hear something special gift to your beloved reader .
    thank you

  2. yadav says:


  3. vishwesh says:

    i like pratap simha ji… i am a big fan….

  4. subramanya says:

    kranthikarigalu onde jagadalli
    nice to see all of u

  5. prabhakara says:

    I am eager to read more articles from both of you Vbhat and Pratapji


  6. Raghavendra Joshi says:

    Hello Pratap/Bhat,

    I used to read VK and wait for Saturday to come to just read Bettale Jagattu and Nurentu matu. It’s really sad to know that you guys left ..!

  7. jayalakshmi says:

    happy new year
    we are all missing you people in vijayakarnataka. please come back soon.
    or give us another newspaper

  8. jayalakshmi says:

    wish you happy new year 2011
    iam waiting for your articles.

  9. jayalakshmi says:


  10. Gururaj Vasudevamurthy says:

    Wish you All a happy year of 2011. Eagerly waiting for your new innings…,

    Wish you all a great journey of success…

  11. ranganth swamy says:

    happ new year prathap.

  12. vi ka with out your team is sappe!

  13. conductor kattimani says:


  14. prasanna says:

    Dear V Bhat & Simha

    The moment i heard the news that you guys has left VK i felt VK will become another stereotypic new paper very soon & the fact is its already happened.

    I never missed thursady & saturday edition of vk But now will miss it.

    I wish you guys should come back to reach us with another scintilating news paper.

    good luck to you guys

  15. Ganesh K says:

    Wish you happy new year to all of you.

    Come with new creativity. We are all waiting. Be fast.

    Ganesh K

  16. ಟೀಮ್ ಚೆನ್ನಾಗಿದೆ. ನಿಮ್ಮ ಮುಂದಿನ ಗುರಿ ನಿಚ್ಚಳವಾಗಿರಲಿ.

  17. ABHAY V L says:

    Pratap sir, DAPPA agta idira anta morning walk ? hotte ilsoke anta !!!!!!!!!

  18. Prashanth A says:

    Fantastic Four..
    Best Of Luck for Future Endeavor ..

    Prashanth A

  19. Santhosh Gowda says:

    Alll the best

  20. narendra says:

    Bega ondu patrike hora tanni.. illa andre u ‘ll be branded a web jouralist.. nenapirali bhavi olage bari kappe alla adanna tinno haavu saha irutte….

  21. gani says:

    we miss u so much. And we wait for ur new ‘jagathu’

  22. chandru says:


  23. Baswaraj Bidar. says:

    Sir I am a high school teacher from Bidar. Including me all my friends and students are your big fans. Please start your article soon. We are always with you.

  24. raki says:

    Most expected movement ……-)
    all the very best …….

    (Royals team always wid u)

  25. raksha v says:

    pratap looking dam cool in that ink blue t shirt…………

  26. L Manju Sharma says:

    Naanu Nimma Fan Agidde adare ‘Hay Bengaluru’ nalli article odi tumba sittu mattu besaravagittu. Modalu adakke clarification beku

  27. nkhil says:

    vbhat , SIMHA nd ur team………. d articles which u r writting in u r paper r really superb…… it is impressing d youngsters like me………. thank 4 u nd u r whole team.



  28. Shreeshail Magadum says:

    your more expirianced persons sir

  29. supritha says:

    wah!what an inspiration to the youth…..if you being the forthcoming president of mera BHARATH………i hope the corruption could take rest for five years…

  30. siddarth pai m says:

    i like pratapji who doesnt like him a great youth spirit hindu awakener like vivekananda