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Pratap Simha > Bettale Jagattu > BREAKING NEWS: SL BHYRAPPA chosen “SARASWATHI SAMMAN”!!


K.K. BIRLA FOUNDATION, Caxton House, Mezzanine Floor, 2-E, Jhandewalan Extension, New Delhi-55. (Ph. 011/23516483-84, Fax No. 23516480). 2/Pur(2009)11/ 5.4.2011

Dear Sir, As you know, the Saraswati Samman instituted by the K.K. Birla Foundation in 1991 is recognized as the most prestigious and the highest literary honour in the country. It is given every year on an outstanding literary work written in any Indian language mentioned in Schedule VIII to the Constitution of India by an Indian citizen and published during the last 10 years. It carries an award money of Rupees seven lakhs and fifty thousand (7.50 lakhs), a Citation and a Plaque.

The selection for the Saraswati Samman is made by a high level Chayan Parishad presided over by Shri Justice G.B. Patnaik, former Chief Justice of India. A note giving the broad features of the Saraswati Samman and its process of selection is enclosed. It will be seen that eminent literary persons from various parts of the country and belonging to different languages are actively involved in this process.

After consideration of the works published in 22 Indian languages during 2000-2009 the Chayan Parishad has selected Mandra, a novel in Kannada by Prof. S.L. Bhyrappa for the twentieth Saraswati Samman, 2010. This book was published in 2002. In addition to the note on the Saraswati Samman mentioned above we are enclosing a list of nineteen recipients who are honoured by this Samman in the earlier years, a note on Prof. S.L. Bhyrappa and Mandra for your use. A photograph of Prof. Bhyrappa is also there. We shall be most grateful if you could kindly give proper coverage as in the previous years, to this news in your newspaper/magazine which is being eagerly awaited by all those interested in Indian literature throughout the country.

In case you need any other information or help you may kindly contact us.

With regards, Yours sincerely, (N.K. Bhattacharjee) SARASWATI SAMMAN



  1. Ramesh Radder says:

    Really great. I have been following the books of Shri.S.L.Bhyrappa for long time. I really like his guts like yours to tell the truth in his writing without fearing to labelled as rightist. I feel he deserves the award. Congratulations sir.

  2. Indian says:

    Great news. Congrats to great writer sri S L Bhyrappa.

  3. Venki says:

    He deserves every honour…he has got it from the ppl all around the globe…

  4. vishwas km says:

    Good news.congrats to sir S L Bhyrappa

  5. business says:

    The Saraswati Samman is an annual award for outstanding prose or poetry literary works in any Indian language.

  6. Awards are not new to Sir Bhyrappa
    I am an ardent reader of his writings & collection of all his writings
    Indian literature has honoured by honouring sir Byrappa

  7. seshadri says:

    I am proud of our own fearless friend who wields the pen with unparalled valour – Sri S L Bhyrappa navaru.

  8. Pavan says:

    The only Kannada author who is eligible for SARASWATHI SAMMAN award is SL Byrappa and BYrappa only atleast this time we won the battle of truth and Intelligence.COngrats Sir

  9. padma a says:

    thank god my mother tongue is kannada that i can read vamsha vruksha, graha bhanga, parva, datu novel which are classics originated from kannada. some people (ladies) worship vamshavruksha like god. 20 years back i read vamsha vruksha novel in my aunt house. whole night i read that novel. it influenced me very much. the beauty of young widow (vamshavruksha) is not comparabable with any bollywood actor. she is like angle for me. the style of writing, is excellent. any where it wont be bored. really the author is born for writing.

  10. Chetan says:

    wow..Most deservering writer.. he deserved this long back….!!! one of the greatest writers in the India….. proud to be Kannadiga as well…. due to some politics he s been deprived of Jnan Peetha also….!!! The best part of Shri S L Byrappa is he doesnt care or write for awards …. fearless writer….

    I feel with this award the value of “Saraswati Samman ” increased…..

  11. a s prakash says:

    We are honouring ourselves by honouring Bhyrappa. The award gets its value by the recipient not the other way round. In spite of severe vendetta politics against him, he has withstood all the thorns thrown at him by his talent, sheer grit and determination. Hats Off to Sri.Bhyrappa. May his clan increase!

  12. M.Prahallada says:

    I am proud that my teacher who really deserves Jananapeetha, got saraswati Samman. Congratulation sir, bless me

  13. m.p. joshi says:

    Its great, literary work remains beyond “secular vis-a-vis communal” parlance

  14. m.p. joshi says:

    Its great, literary work remains beyond “secular vis-a-vis communal” parlance.

  15. Chandan mota says:

    Samman has created a charm to real literature hero Dr SL sir

  16. Chandrashekar K Mudhol says:

    He is the right personality to be honored for Sarswat Sanman award and it’s pleasure and We are eagerly waiting like Avarna , kavalu …. for another controversy Novel . Pratap Sir