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True FACE of RB

3 Responses to “True FACE of RB”

  1. Shree says:

    Thank you to You, Mr.Vishweshwar Bhat, actor Vijay for making us realize the true colours of a disgusting human being!

  2. Nalini says:

    Duniya Vijay seemed very genuine in this whole episode. He is the real hero and my vote goes to him for his courage and guts. Way to go, Vijay. Also thanks to Mr. Satish for exposing disgusting Belagere in detail. How dare he talks about Dr. Raj not going around after his kidnap. Its time the legend’s 3 sons come out and speak up against this allegation. Doesn’t Belagere know that Raj was suffering from knee pain and poor health. Idiot, why don’t you shut up and die soon?

  3. Sangamesh says:

    Oh oh tnx for realized me but i love writting style n books but not his attitudes