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Pratap Simha > Bettale Jagattu > BREAKING NEWS: V. BHAT joins KP


BREAKING NEWS: Our dear editor VISHWESHWAR BHAT has joined “KANNADA PRABHA” just now!! He is the man who gave different dimension to Kannada Journalism, he is the man who captured the imagination of us through his journalistic skills, he is the man who changed the way v all used to think, he is the man who made stars out of writers, he is the man who gave forum to nationalistic views which were unheard until his arrival. I have reason to believe that, his new innings will set new standards and new parameters in Kannada Journalism. Just WATCH OUT…

80 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: V. BHAT joins KP”

  1. Rajesh Madegowda says:

    we r waiting for u too…

  2. SK says:

    good news pls start new innings

  3. radhakrishna says:

    olle news…… “kannada prabha” hosathananada harikaravaagali….

  4. radhakrishna says:

    olle suddi…… “kannada prabha” hosathananada harikaravaagali….

  5. panduranga N says:

    sorrry …….. sir
    we misssss u lot, keep give us gud articles

  6. Dr. Ravichandra says:

    welcome sir,

    we will go for kp now. Hope all of you will follow suit. Thank you sir and v.bhat for not disappointing us.

  7. ketaki says:

    very good news..Wish Good luck Bhat sir . we want to BETTALE JAGATTU back…, soon

  8. santhosh kumar.D. says:

    Thank u V.Bhat sir for giving such a good news and already changed my news paper to “Kannada Prabha”.Vsh u all success.
    And Prathap sir am so hungry so plz give me “Bettale Jagattu” article.

  9. prakash says:

    oh! good step sir…..
    i think your decision is new innings of kannada journalism……

  10. SURESHA says:

    Dear Mr. Bhat & Mr. Pratap,

    I am waiting for this good news. I am sure wherever you work the success will come automatically.
    This is not because you have luck, this is because of your efforts, knowledge and reality in wriiting columns.

    I thinn my all friends are very great fan of Mr, Pratap simha. We expect similar to BETTALE JAGATHU IN KP


  11. shreekant says:

    yavag start madtira sir kayok agta ella please nimma ibbara ankanagalu yav yav dina barutte heli sir please

  12. Satyanarayan Hegde says:

    Dear pratap,
    Now I also shift to read KP insteacd of VK. I read this (VK) since its inception . I am reading very few coloums that to yours “Bettale Jagattu” vbhats “”Noorento Maatu” Joshi’s “Paraga Sparsha” and coloums of Sri.Sureshkumar. without vbhat these coloums are also not there VK

  13. Lakshminarasimha Sharma says:

    Pratap, Vijaya Karnataka had already become popular and people had got used to reading this paper. I’m surprised at this decision of VB. Is Indian express group better than Times? I was thinking that you guys are going to start a paper or magazine of your own.

  14. DEVARAJ C.M says:


  15. rajashekhar says:

    Hello sir, i have seen your articles in the news papers. I should appreciate ur talent and knowledge. Keep it up sir.

  16. ramu gitte says:

    sir will u please tel why u leave vijay karnataka? because of u we also lost mr pratap simha so sad for all readers,,,,,

  17. Totendra says:

    hi sir how are you i am totendra s makal MA journalisam student in gulbarga sir

  18. sir neevu vk bittu bandu namage mosa madidiri please vaapas banni

  19. sukumar shetty says:

    hi dr prathap its really bad yaar……………me also ur junior yar in sdm ujire…..
    will u please tel why u leave vijay karnataka…….? i hope that u wil come back to vk………..! otherwise u wl strt new newspaper yaar………….really me very exiting buddy………..

  20. i am fan of u & vbhat,bhadthi

  21. betthale prapancha is pioneer in kannada article

  22. sarthik says:

    i am your fan…. nanu nimma prati ondu artical annu miss madade odutene…. nimma nera padagalu nikaravada massage nanage tumba ista…. i am your fan and fallower…. but nihoo yake brastacharada vishayadalli sri kumaraswamige yake ondu article baredu support madalilla please do it.. please…. sarthik….

  23. Realy both of u are great sir. . .I wait fr u to seen in suvarna news

  24. Praveen says:

    I have switched to KP

  25. raghavendra k m says:

    chandrasheker kambhar avara bagge bethale prapanchadali barie sir.

  26. Mahantesh says:

    thank you for good news . dont be afraid, you follow his works, styles and make our vijaya karnataka paper popular . all the best for you and bhatt sir

  27. prathima says:

    Please write about how difficult to leave a poor government employees in small salary and facilities.

  28. megha shree says:

    please find out how human was miss using in mandya

  29. manjunath says:

    sir u r doing well job….

  30. purshotham says:

    I really salute for keeping the name “BETTALE PRAPANCHA”
    that really stand for present prapancha.
    i am an hassan person, i am having abilities of solving, & making perfect
    worked in call-center & BPO.
    knowing the truth of person’s done bad and living like a king now?
    I Wil b in touch with u, Brother,….
    wat u do right things,i am there
    your good frend..?