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Dear friends, our beloved editor Vishweshwar Bhat has started a website to reach out to his fans. Please use this opportunity to enrich ur knowledge.


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  1. puneetha.s. says:

    Pratap sir…….
    Thanks for giving pricious opportunity…..

  2. chaithra says:

    hai pratap

    firstly i will say thks for u for a gud articles dat u had published….
    v will get a lot of information related to all subjects…
    if u dnt mind i want to discuss abt d matters through mails….
    i had many confusions related to many matters…..


  3. Kusuma K says:

    Hai Brother,

    Thanks for the information.

  4. Shreekanth says:

    Thanks sir for information

    Very happy to see both of you

  5. Devendra Achar says:

    thank u sir

  6. Akshatha says:

    Sir i love to read ur articles
    my day starts with ur paper

  7. mallikarjun heggannavar says:

    hello sir i am fan of vishweshwar bhat sir and also pratap simha. i try to create group of friends as your readers

  8. mallikarjun heggannavar says:

    i love pratap simha’s articles

  9. mallikarjun heggannavar says:

    sir please try to imrove that marketing of kannada prabha.

  10. mallikarjun heggannavar says:

    hi pratap sir todays article is very good.and contained more information

  11. mallikarjun heggannavar says:

    todays article was very agressive. i like this type article

  12. Namste pratapji,
    Nivu tumba channagi ankan baritira
    sir.. ur a my hero, ig kelvu dinagal hinde nimage ugrarind bedarike bandittu, avaru nimmanu kollatare ant , adare e bharthmatë ashirvaddind avaru police kaige sikkiiddaru, adare nivu matra yarigu hedara ade Ner & Nisturateyin ankanvannu munduvares i, nimgoskar nanna pran kodatenu. Danyawadji

  13. mallikarjun heggannavar says:

    i love pratap simha and vishweshwar bhats articles.

  14. NM says:

    Trying to bring to your notice.
    Don’t publish this on ur website.

    Suresh Kumar Palsania of CBI, the guy who was investigating the 2G scam,
    died yesterday and doctors have declared that he died due to Leukemia.

    It has been shown that Polonium 210 exposure/ingestion/injection causes Leukemia.
    Irène Joliot-Curie daughter of Madam Curie died of Leukemia after a accidental Polonium exposure in lab.
    Of late Alexander Litvinenko and Yasser Arafat were killed by Polonium poisoning.

    Did Palsania die of natural causes or was it a well planned murder ?

  15. nagesh says:

    I like u sir masta article

  16. dr ravikiran patwardhan says:

    dear sir deepavali shubhashayagalu
    please write about what happened to collected MUSTTI AKKI dan by then congress after 1947 . aa duddu congress olage hakta. eginavari a bagge mahiti ella

  17. mohan gowda says:

    hi,pratap sir,

    i dont know y without reading bettale jagattu on saturday its not a fine day
    ilove your articles like anything..
    neevu vijaya karnataka dalli iddaginindalu nanu nimma fan…
    i started your articles wen i was 12age

  18. Uday says:

    Dear Pratap,

    Can we expect article on U.R-Ananthamurthy for his recent rubbish statement?

  19. raghu says:

    thank u prathap