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Read Kannada Prabha today

61 Responses to “Read Kannada Prabha today”

  1. purushotham says:

    hai sir, nannadondu hot kavana ide, plz publish madtira? plz

  2. purushotham says:

    4 lines send madtini, nimge ishta adre full kavana send madtini, plz reply me. okay

  3. purushotham says:

    elli nodidaru janasankyeya hole
    tumbi tulukutiruvudu jagadolage
    indu iruvudu akkiya bele muru rupayi
    mundagabahudu nuru rupayi


  4. ravikumar.b says:

    hai re nimma artical thumba channgi irruthe nanu nimma fan nanu driver job madthni gadi stey adhre nimma artcle reding madthni namskara sir devru nimmna thumba chnnagitrlle

  5. Neelakanth says:


    December11_12_2013 @580031
    Hi sir how are you I am a big fan yours since 2009 I am reading your article you have sparked the curiosity within me so that every sat without fail I am reading your article and collecting. Now I have large number of articles not only yours but also vishweshwar bhat article and editorial page so I too become a Havyasi barahagara is there opportunity for me? please reply.
    have a nice day.

  6. Neelakanth says:

    Neelakanth.Deshpande fellowship program Cohort 11

    December 12, 2013
    Hi, Sir it gives me immense pleasure to share about your article. Your article sparked the curiosity within me because before that even I was not interest to read a news paper whatever now I am reading news paper behind that your significant contribution is there.

  7. Rudresh says:

    dear prathap I really like your writing style & thinking style keep it up

  8. Girish GS says:

    sir i read ur book Narendra modi,kalpa saar yojna in gujarat really amazing, a 60 km dam to provide required water to gujarath state, modiji india is waiting to see you as prime minister

  9. srikanta prasad says:

    sir i like your all articles and your knowledge is very good and please next saturday write about the arvind krejiwal government .its my hunble request

  10. vittal says:

    I really like your articales all the best keep it up