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Read Kannada Prabha from 1st week of March!

My Beloved readers, Today I joined Kannada Prabha as News Editor. I hope, you will continue ur unconditional affection and encouragement. I will start writing soon. Thanq all.

108 Responses to “Read Kannada Prabha from 1st week of March!”

  1. shiva kumar H R says:

    Dear sir,

    Your words are too sharp,I like your column so much

  2. raghu says:

    Dear Sir still iam not missing any article iam waiting lot article from your side pls give us more articles we are not miss the same.

  3. Anand says:

    Hello Sir Congrates…..and 1 request to u….please publish one article on Bhagat Singh………….

  4. santhosh putya mudalli says:

    waiting fr u alwage

  5. gavisidda says:

    write about corruption in congress

  6. Lakshmiprasad S M says:

    All the best, Prathap anna…..

  7. Tilak Kumar says:

    Every one thinking Mr Narendra Modi as only a Hindu Follower. Infact he is an true Indian. Most of the Kannadigas come to know about Narendra Modi only because of your article. Keep it up. Still more social work tobe happen through you. All the very best.

  8. ankashetty says:

    plz write an article about kpsc corruption. especially 2011 probationary officers recruitment. plz urge the govt to smash the 2011 recruitment.