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Not Goodbye, but a SHORT break to Bettale Jagattu!

Dear Sri Sureshji,

I would like to inform you that, I am unable to continue my service at Vijaykarnataka since I had publicly taken a oath to work ONLY under Vishweshwar Bhat, whom I adore and emulate. I kindly request you to relieve me from my service.

Well, Sureshji, I know I am going to miss your smiles and little chit-chat. Anyways, thank you for your faith and co-operation. I wish you the very best. Please kindly do the needful.

As ever
Pratap Simha

My beloved readers, this is text of my resignation which I sent to our HR Suresh. Yes, I have tendered my resignation since I cannot work under anyone except VISHWESHWAR BHAT. Guyz, wait for few more days or months, we will come up with something really BIG. Have faith in our ability and integrity. Don’t give heed to rumour mills and SLANDEROUS campaign by “Intellectually impotent”(Vichara Napumsaka) thugs. I will SHOOT myself, rather letting you down. I hope, you will continue to love me even in the SHORT absence of Bettale Jagattu.

Catch you as soon as possible!!

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291 Responses to “Not Goodbye, but a SHORT break to Bettale Jagattu!”

  1. Vikas says:

    Hello Brother,

    Keep the same Pen same thoughts,

    see you with NEW PAGE, A new look!!!!!



    Dear Prathap Simha,

    Nothing can derail the process of unmasking the real truth behind every scandal. Unfortunately, Some so called Journalists themselves are spreading canards about the good intentions of you people.They are like that and we dont care.Go ahead with your plans.We are with you.We want you to do BETTALE of these Napunsaka Journalists’s JAGATTHU soon.Awaiting your column !


  3. nithin says:

    plz come back…
    very soon…
    we are waiting…

  4. kalagouda says:

    dear sir,
    all the best for u, n vb… kannadigas are waiting for your comeback…. sure vk is turning as anti-hindu media like a ndtv…

  5. Dharmendra says:

    Hi Pratapji…. really missing your BETTALE JAGATTU, and also NOORENTU MAATU, Without your no mood to read VK. Pls come back soon in any of the Daily Newpaper and let us know.

  6. shivakumar says:

    hi just forgot that sime handi.he is gay

  7. hemanth says:

    really missing article a lot.. without you and bhat’s sir articles paper has become boring to read

  8. Vinay Raj says:

    Hi brother, we are missing you a lot. Have faith in you & Bhat ji. Hope you will be back with a bang soon. We’ll be with you forever..

  9. Roopa says:

    Sir requesting you and Bhat Sir to come back soon. Really missing ur articles wich were inspiring to all age groups. waitnggggggg

  10. Rajesh Madegowda says:

    hi prapath anna i miss ur column lot.we r with u 2 support.all de best..

  11. VIKAS KARANTH says:

    Dear Pratap,

    Most of VK readers are missing BHUTT Sir and YOU.

    WE (My family and few friends) are eagerly awaiting Bhutt Sir’s team Bounce Back.

    We all know your ability and integrity!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Heart felt Good wishes to the team!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please keep things moving in your Blogs and social N/W.
    May be this is the time to you all to update more in knowledge(endless) and strategy.

    Really Heartfelt congratulations for keeping the spirit up, becoming the personification for the honesty!!!!
    Understand the requirement of the current situation and plan something new – different.
    I know you all have ability in creating the readers and educate people, uplift from the ignorance.

    We all know you will be back with great BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Dr. Ravichandra says:

    Dear Prathap,
    I am reading still expecting all your articles. But for the last few weeks the paper was not at all interesting. Till today i was not aware of your and most beautiful teams resignation. What is this? some useless fellow writes in some useless paper and you people resign and desert us. You suggest us where to go and what to read. I will stop reading VK. It is boring without you people. please come early.

  13. S.Srinivas says:

    Dear Pratap Simha,
    I have read a few of your articles. Your articles on variety of topics are not only thought provoking but easily comprehensible even for a lay man. I still remember your article on how our IT industry not coming up with any product development and merely writing codes. It was an eye opener for those who thought that India was making great strides in IT. But what is the real fact one could know by your article. There is no dearth of opportunities for talented people like you. When you are growing there will be people to throw muck unable to digest your growing popularity. But don’t lose your heart and continue in your work.

  14. Narayana says:

    hello pratap dontworry about that have excellent talent .nowa days india need writters like you.all d best 4 ur bright feature.

  15. shrikanth says:

    we all are with u sir….we r wating for ur BIG event

  16. Rangaswamy says:

    Hello Prathap

    Please come back Soon with Vbhat sir… Really we are all waiting for your come abck..

  17. Kirankumar T says:


    You are the person who inspired me reading daily. I just can not explain it in my words.

    When a person is growing, an unverified account or explanation of events circulating from person to person happens so please do not worry about it. Whole Karnataka is with you. Go ahead and best of luck for the “we will come up with something really BIG!” We all are awaiting for it.

    Best of luck for the BANG!!!!!

  18. Kumar says:

    Got to know recently that you and VB Sir left VK…. By knowing that I have also left reading( bringing ) VK…. With out VB Sir’s team paper is nothing….

    All the best…. We all are with you…. Bang the Bangalore….


  19. Dnyanesh says:

    dear sir weusedread the VK only because of 2 persons u and VB sir………….we all hope u will continue your writing and your thoughts shortly which are the INSPIRATIONS to all of us………

    ALL the best for u and VB sir………….
    VB sir made their way when,we hope u will be soon follow them……….

  20. Sudheer says:

    Hi Pratap,

    Life is full of challenges. You have to face one after the other. it strengthens you a lot.
    We the readers were loving you and continue to love you as you are the ray of hope in the fight against terrorism, corruption, pseudo-secularism and so on…
    We want you to shower knowledge and reality to Kannada readers.. I was subscribing to VK ONLY to read you and VB> Now it’s a desert for me (and million like minded readers as well). We are eagerly waiting for your resourceful articles.

    Wish you all the best.



  21. Panduranga N says:

    hai, pratap
    This is pandu m die hard fan u, im very sad to heard u dat u r nt with i request u to do the needful things to d society, by givibg us very gud article .we miss very lotly “BETTALE JAGATTU’


  22. vinay kumar says:

    dear sir………..we need u back at any cost……………… we are all waiting for u….

  23. vrinda says:

    Sir.come back soon.our saturdays have become dry without B.J’s inspiration

  24. Dr.Guruprasad says:

    Hi Pratap,

    Why cant YOu & V.Bhat with your friends start a news paper instead of joining to some other brand????
    ANy way Mr.Bhat has tha capacity to bring it up as he shown in the case of Vijayakarnataka…

    Think in that aspect……!!

    All d Best……..

  25. Chinmaya says:

    Dear pratapa
    you are inspiration to as so do not halt . wait, make a Global noise to all about the journalism will support for ever

  26. ram says:

    Hi Pratapji.

    All the best for your next new role,i think no need to write more on that issue, God will teach him lesson.

    If he have faith on hes mother, let him write troth, insted of writing against Hinduisam, he supports for love Jihad, but hes doughter got love with Kitti,then he opposed their love.

    I have cancelled VK in my home..

    Any way all the best, We are waiting for new article,

  27. Shivaraj Konanavar says:

    I am shocked to hear the news..But I believe in you and V Bhat..Come up with
    something new.. We are always with you..

  28. BHARATH GOWDA says:

    HI i miss u so much, i shouldn’t read on saturday vijaya karnataka paper. i hope u really come as finix bird. dont worry to every one, ill give my all support to u. pls write again…………………….pls cal me i want talk with u, dont mis pls

    Bharath Gowda
    ph num:9916069685

  29. ASHWATH S.L. says:

    Hi sir,
    Today we are unfortunately ruled by a polluted politicians(most of them),with this how can we seek for developed INDIA. but we YOUTHS wont leave it .we can build a prosperous INDIA with our effort. so we need a strong support and guide line from JOURNALISTS like YOU.
    we are in a expectation of creative work from you in these diretions…towards fortunate days.

  30. ramu gitte says:

    sir ,we miss u too much in vk article,,, will u please tel why u r not writing the article? we want to the naked truth about this society ,,,i am waiting for ur great entry ,thnk u.

  31. gaja says:

    have not seen any fiery article,……i want you to write about freespeech…
    manuvadi,brahmanya , muhaameed vadi and popevadi for conversion… good is the freespeech in india? use it or lose it…etc….

    anything that create a quarrel of large scale can not be termed hatespeech….since a small caste of say savitha samaja will not be in a position to create quarrel of big scale …but muslim would do for even small sppeech…..then this criteria of creating upheaval in society must be changed since it puts onus on which scale the target group can create havoc and mayhelm?

  32. naveen, aldur says:

    hi, pratap

    i m very glad to see u on kp. wish u all the best.

  33. shreyas vaidya says:


    i am ur g8 fan.i like ur articles.especially Bettale Jagattu!..pls continue writing such things.y dont u start ur own news paper and news channel.not only me many of my frends love ur articles.we consider u has our leader.

  34. Ravi says:

    Guys…today i met Pratap Simha unexpectedly and had very little chit-chat. He is in Kannada Prabha newspaper it seems….am going to but kannada prabha from tomorrow just to check his article… 🙂

  35. Murgesh says:

    Dear sir,

    I am unable to download Bettale jagattu books from vol 1 to 4 from the given download links. please do the needful.

  36. Srinidhi.V.Bhat says:

    Dear Prathap,
    We like you very much…. our Saturday starts with your Article.

  37. korachetan says:

    i am your fan and regular reader to “bettale jagattu”. i need the “bettale jagattu” volume 1 to 4 i searched i didn’t got the file to download please help me

    thank you

    kora chetan

  38. divya says:

    dr… brother ”
    i’m student of political science.we have general seminars in the classes.on the topic of reflection of indian patent laws and its impacts on the society ‘culture’farmers’industry’seeds’production .please you can help me.just you tell about how to deal the paper or hints of the possible as soon

  39. Naveen BH says:


  40. Naveen BH says:

    hi sir… ur big reader fan…reading ur artcle evry week sience 5 yrs….as ur fan i wnt to see u as next legend SLB,….. dont restrict urself only 2 artcls but cultivate some seeds in letrature like novels….. I have some confusion abt Tippu , aftr listening speech by PAPU tdy…….. I can exprs my toughts wit u if u kindly send me a frnd reqst….!!!!! Waiting fr ur reqst………