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My Book Release

Dear Friends,

My new book on Mining Mafia along with BJ 9 and 10 are getting released on Feb 6th by Lokayukta Santosh Hegde at “Indian Institute of world Culture”, BP Wadia Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore.
Time: 10.30 am.
YOU are all INVITED.
Please come…

54 Responses to “My Book Release”

  1. saleem says:

    hi, sir best of luck to you done a great job

  2. Krishnamurthy says:

    join let get join with all the organisations to save so called freedom, our country and we are still in slavery system.
    Indian independence act, which made our country into two pieces.

  3. hi, sir best of luck to you done a great job

  4. sir, nivu obbaru olley patrakartaru, nivu bared bettale jagatu books galu tumba channagi mudi baruteve. thank u sir